About Us

Our mission is simple: Snack Big, Support Small. 

The idea for City Snack Pack was born from our love of snacking and traveling. It's so fun to visit new cities and discover new, local treats along the way. So when the pandemic hit, it was difficult for lots of us to be quarantined in one place. It was even more difficult watching small businesses struggle and even close due to COVID 19. We figured, why not find a new way for people to discover new places while supporting local economies at the same time? 

We hand pick every snack in each City Snack Pack snack box, working directly with snack makers to ensure the most authentic and local city experience every month. We all know the big brand names in the snack world, but it's the small batch manufacturers that truly treat snack making as a craft, yielding even tastier treats! You can feel confident that inside each box are snacks you wont usually find at the grocery store. 

We hope you enjoy snacking big, while supporting small!

City Snack Pack Crew