Minneapolis-Saint Paul City Snack Pack

Twin Cities City Snack Pack

  1. Junita's Jar - Inspired by her own experience with domestic violence, Junita Flowers started Junita’s Jar, a cookie company supporting education and awareness initiatives dedicated to ending relationship violence. Flowers also started an event series called Cookies ‘n Conversation, an interactive panel focusing on encouraging a dialogue on the topic of domestic violence.
  2. Ancient Indian Spices - Ancient Indian Spices is a mission driven seasoning company that supports small farmers in the US, India and Mexico. Deborah and her son Anil have been pan roasting spices for over 15 years and decided to start a business demystifying Indian cuisine and cooking. They started selling to nonprofits, schools and farmers but now distribute all over the region!
  3. Annie B's - Annie B's was founded in 1978 by Tom & Carol Bouquet in Kellogg, MN. The couple enjoyed making caramels and popcorn out of their kitchen and soon discovered they could make a living doing just that. They named their business after their daughter Annie. They have since retired but ensure that their products are made by a small team with lots of love.
  4. Winter Goddess Foods - Terry Williams started Winter Goddess Foods to supplement family income after an accident left her husband Nehemiah disabled. Their intention is to use high quality organic ingredients and provide a product that brings true joy to its consumer. Nehemiah packaged the granola himself for our boxes as Terry is recovering from a surgery. We wish her well!
  5. Sift Gluten Free - Sift Gluten Free started in 2013 in Molly Miller's tiny apartment kitchen after going gluten free to help control symptoms of Crohn's disease. She started experimenting with gluten-free flours and converting family recipes into gluten and dairy free alternatives. Today, Sift Gluten Free is a bustling bakery that brings joy to the Minneapolis community, gluten free or not.
  6. Old Dutch - Old Dutch potato chips have been a Twin Cities staple for over 85 years! Old Dutch was started in 1934, in St. Paul, Minnesota and has since moved its headquarters to Roseville - just north of the city. Their chips are made there and at a facility in Minneapolis. They also give back to their community by donating to minor and professional sports, social programs, and fundraisers.
  7. Pearson's Candy - The Pearson's Candy legacy was born in 1909 by P. Edward Pearson and his four brothers in Minneapolis. In 1933, the classic Pearson's Salted Nut Roll was introduced amid The Great Depression and 16 years later, in 1950, Pearson's moved across the Mississippi River to Saint Paul, where their operations currently run. Pearson's has been delivering their treats to front line workers across the Twin Cities during the pandemic. These heroes deserve the smile a yummy local treat can bring :)