Seattle City Snack Pack

Seattle City Snack Pack Box
  1. Recipe 33Dan Smith's late night snacking while getting his MBA at the University of Washington inspired him to create a healthy, clean snack. The snack? Almonds! His almonds, unlike others found in the market, are infused with flavor. No messy powders or artificial flavors here. His team has over 20 years of experience in the food science industry and they continue to push the boundries of creative snacking. Enjoy TWO of their flavors in this box!
  2. Cougar Mountain Baking Company In the midst of finishing up his English degree at the University of Washington in 1988, Dave Saulnier started Cougar Mountain Baking Company. To satisfy his sweet tooth, he started baking cookies using recipes from the back of a bag of chocolate chips. Unhappy with the results, he began experimenting by altering the recipe until he baked the perfect cookie. After years of growth, his cookies can now be found all across the Northwest!
  3. KuKuRuZa Gourmet PopcornYes, it is pronounced just like it looks. Ku-Ku-Ru-Za! In case you're wondering, "kukuruza" is the Russian word for corn. All of Kukuruza's corn is grown on a family farm in Washington state and is lovingly crafted into tasty popcorn in the city of Seattle. Kukuruza started selling their creations in 2004 and have since opened up a handful of shops serving over 15 different popped creations. Happy snacking!
  4. Northwest BiscottiHer passion for baking led Frances Turner to start Northwest Biscotti in 2004 after she found the perfect recipe for this classic Italian snack. Today, the company makes over 25 different flavors of the stuff! And trust us, this is NOT your grandma's hard biscotti! Frances makes sure that every cookie she makes has the perfect texture, flavor, and of course dunk-ability. Her small bakery and retail shop is located in Marysville, WA.
  5. Umchu Bar Founded in 2004 by Steve Lunde, a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Unchu Bar is a curated health food brand that caters to all of the people out there who are looking to fuel up with a quick snack without guilt. His handcrafted products ensure that you are consuming natural, high quality ingredients and getting the flavor that you're looking for out of a snack bar. Bite into Umchu Bar and taste the difference!
  6. Hen of the WoodsWe are excited to share with all of our subscribers a special sneak peak at one of our favorite hometown snacks! What started as a salad garnish has turned HOTW into a snack company focusing on making high quality snacks with the best flavors around. They started their journey in 2013 at a stall in Washington Park in the heart of Cincinnati. Today they make chips in a handful of flavors along with seasonings and some yummy chocolate!