What is City Snack Pack

City Snack Pack is a B2B snack box company that sends the gift of local snacks to folks in your organization. We provide our specialized snack boxes for corporate gifting, non-profit gifting, parties/events, and any other occasion which might require a sweet and savory uplift!

How does it work?

Pick a city from our list of past boxes, or any other American city of your choice and we'll curate a snack box for your needs. Just reach out to us directly with the city of choice and how many boxes you'd like, and we'll provide you a quote. Once an order is confirmed, we'll source the goodies, design the boxes as per your needs, fulfill the boxes, and ship them out for you!

What comes in a City Snack Pack box?

We hand select snacks from every city we will take you to. There will be at least 6 snacks in each box and we will make sure you get to try a variety of treats!

Can I pick what snacks come in a box?

We do our best to curate each box but let us know if you have any suggestions - we can be flexible! Each snack will have its ingredients listed on the packaging. We will provide ingredients for snacks that don't include them on their packaging.

Please be aware that some products my contain common allergens such as wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, eggs, milk, fish, and shellfish. Please do not purchase this product if you have severe allergic reactions.

Where do you ship to?

We ship within the United States.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs are included in the quote of each box.

Will you provide tracking info?

Yes! As soon as we send our box your way, you will get an email with tracking info.

My box didn't show up, now what?

Email us at hungry@citysnackpack.com and we will look into it. We will make sure you are taken care of!

When will I be charged?

We have flexible payment terms but default to NET30.