Los Angeles City Snack Pack

Los Angeles Subscription Snack Box
  1. Zac's Sweet Shop - Zac Coughlin started his business when he was just 13 years old! Tasked with bringing treats to a holiday party, the then teen opted to dip strawberries and pretzels in chocolate instead of bringing some cookies from the grocery store. His treats were a hit and Zac's Sweet Shop was born! Today, he runs his business while finishing up his senior year of college at USC. He covers his dipped Oreos in only the finest chocolate.
  2. Bearclaw Kitchen - A lifelong baker and cereal lover, Sarah Lange started her first baking business as a teenager in Pennsylvania. After moving to Los Angeles, she became a pastry chef at a trendy restaurant in Hollywood and started making granola on the side. It was a hit and she now sells her granola around the city and ships nationwide. She uses local wildflower honey from Altadena, just outside of Los Angeles, in her Honey Run granola!
  3. Rusty's Chips - Truly handmade potato chips, Rusty's Chips are made from fresh Bakersfield potatoes by hand, one at a time, with a small vegetable slicer. While most chip companies blanch and wash their potatoes to achieve a uniform white color, Rusty's just slices and cooks, giving each batch its own unique look and flavor. Each bag is even hand filled and hand sealed. Simple and natural!
  4. Giddy Up Nuts Kristy Mangia started Giddy Up Nuts to bring a flavorful, healthy snack alternative to the market. She started selling Giddy Up Nuts at local farmers markets and quickly grew to selling in specialty retailers across the country! Each batch of her almonds is hand-crafted using seasonal and local ingredients to create the boldest flavors.
  5. Milk + Brookies New Yorkers have the cronut, San Franciscans have the cruffin, and now, thanks to Milk + Brookies, Angelenos have the brookie! A brownie and cookie hybrid baked like a cupcake, the brookie is the brainchild of owners Jovon English, Marques Brooks, Naimah Harris and Tisa Smart-Washington. The brookie bunch was featured on Shark Tank a few years ago which helped take their business to the next level.
  6. California Gummy Bears Jeff Postlethwaite has had a busy career. From owning 3 restaurants by the age of 19 and acting in the BBC/Netflix drama Peaky Blinders, he is now paving the way in the candy industry. Using fruits grown in California and other natural ingredients, CA Gummy Bears believe they have the best tasting gummy bears in the entire world. You may also notice that the shape of the gummies is like the bear displayed on the state flag.
  7. Popcornopolis Founded in 2003 by Wally and Kathy Arnold and based in Vernon, CA, Popcornopolis is a proud member of the Southern California community. The company sources 100% of its corn from American farmers and only uses top-quality ingredients. In addition to being a recognized snack brand, Popcornopolis has raised millions of dollars for schools and other community programs.