Chicago City Snack Pack

Chicago City Snack Pack
  1. Garrett PopcornA Chicago institution, Garrett Popcorn Shops was started by a female entrepreneur, who developed the now-famous recipes in her family kitchen. The first Shops in Chicago sold Caramel Crisp, Cheese Corn, Buttery and Plain for 5 cents a bag alongside homemade fudge and roasted nuts. Kernels were hot-air popped, Caramel Crisp was cooked in copper kettles, and finished recipes were hand scooped right before fans’ eyes. Just like today.
  2. Four Brothers Chocolates This artisan chocolate business was started in 2011 by the parents of John Houlihan, who is currently the owner. He and his three brothers work at their shop in Wheaton, keeping the family tradition of making chocolate alive.
  3. Mrs. Fisher's Potato ChipsEthel and Eugene Fisher began making their classic potato chips in 1932 from their home at the corner of Charles and 7th street in the Chicagoland area. The work was all done by hand, from unloading potatoes, to peeling and cooking them. Today, their business has 3 route drivers that ship and distribute their crunchy chips across the region.
  4. Mozaics In addition to creating these delicious snacks, Mozaics proudly supports The Chicago Mosaic School (CMS). It’s the first and only premier not-for-profit mosaic art school in North America.
  5. Nikki Darling Confections Nikki Darling Confections is a boutique candy company owned and operated by Evan Coben. Her lifelong passion for candy led her to culinary school and has since blossomed into a growing small business in Chicago. Her knowledge of food science and confectionery arts has allowed her to recreate her favorite classic American candy with a handmade touch. Enjoy these marshmallows in a hot cop of cocoa or just eat them right out of the bag!
  6. B & B Ice Cream and Candy There's nothing more classic then getting some candy from your local ice cream and candy store. B&B is a small family-owned business on the South Side run by Ellen and her daughter Lauren. The store also offers savory treats like hot dogs and nachos!