Detroit Snack Box

Detroit City Snack Pack

  1. Better MadeA household name in the Detroit snack scene, Better Made was founded in 1930. Founders Peter Cipriano & Cross Moceri only used the best methods, natural ingredients and Michigan sourced potatoes to create the perfect potato chip!
  2. GermackBrothers John and Frank Sr arrived in New York in 1912 and started importing Mediterranean delicacies such as pistachios, oils and spices. As their business grew, they made Detroit their home due to its industrial boom and large immigrant population. Today they are considered the oldest pistachio roasters in the US.
  3. Detroit Friend'sOne of Oprah's favorite things, Detroit Friends was founded as a way to add purpose to the vacant lots inside Detroit's Hope District. The company has employed many residents and has brought back dignity to a vulnerable community. Many potatoes are grown in those vacant lots and tended to by the physically and mentally challenged.
  4. Kar'sKar's was founded in 1933, humbly selling nuts outside of Detroit's Tiger Stadium. Kar's only sources fresh ingredients from small farmers. To give back to their hometown, they partnered with the Detroit Police Athletic League to help children learn and grow confidence through youth sports.
  5. Pop DaddyMark Sarafa's popcorn making journey has a come a long way since he started selling the snack out of his garage in 2013. Today, his company uses the finest local kernals to create the perfect popcorn. What makes Pop Daddy's popcorn so good? The ruby red kernals they use throughout their snack lineup has very little hull, the pesky stuff in microwave popcorn that gets stuck in your teeth!
  6. Shurm'sWhen Kevin and Jackie Shurm started selling candy in 2012, they wanted bring happiness to people in a local way. To stand out, they created MichiGummies in 2018, combining their delicious candy with the shape of their home state. Based a little north of the city in Oakland Township, Shurm's Candy only sells their sweet treats in Michigan.
  7. Detroit Food AcademyDetroit has one of the highest high school drop out rates in the country. Detroit Food Academy has stepped up to get young Detroiters enganged through the culinary arts. Small Batch Career Training provides these youngsters with the skills, certifications and mentorship to start and grow their careers through food entreprenearship. Mitten Bites are the DFA's first food product and all ingredients are grown in Michigan!